Drupal rocks!!

Drupal really rocks!! I just downloaded it, unzipped, ran database initialization script, and the website was ready. I was thinking I will have to tweak the code for everything, but no need :) I am surprised by its wonderful administrator menus, and modules system. Really a wonderful content management system. All power to them !!

For me, it was basically a choice between Wordpress, Mambo and Drupal . I have tried wordpress earlier, and liked it. But this time I was interested in experimenting with more than just blog, so it went out of the list first. Then I got stuck for some time till I read that drupal's code is cleaner and more easily extendable... That made the decision.. and I am happy till yet for the decision :)

Check out this interview of Dries Buytaert, the founder of drupal project ..


  • nadeem
    24 Sep 09
    tu ek lamha hai jo guzarta hi nahi
    ek main hun jo beeta ja raha hun.