Age meaning in Hindi

Age is a english word.

Age Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • age = वय/उम्र

    • Usage: Ram's age is ten years.
    • Usage: Ram left school at the age of ten years
    • Usage: Rajiv died at an early age
    • Usage: People in the age group of 20-30 are eligible for the post
    • Usage: Hari has matured with age.
  • age = लम्बा समय

    • Usage: For ages we waited for the match to begin.
  • age = युग

    • Usage: Modern age is the age of technology.
  • age = युगों

    • Usage: It is an age old custom of that community.
    • Usage: Africa's age long struggle for freedom cannot be forgotten.
  • age = उम्र बढ़ना

    • Usage: The illness has aged him a lot
  • age = बड़ा हो जाना

    • Usage: Ram has aged a lot recently
  • age = पुराना होना

    • Usage: Allow the wine to age for a while

Age Meaning in Detail

  • age (noun) = how long something has existed

    Synonyms: age

    • Usage: it was replaced because of its age
  • age (noun) = an era of history having some distinctive feature

    Synonyms: historic_period, age

    • Usage: we live in a litigious age
  • age (noun) = a time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises

    Synonyms: age, eld

    • Usage: she was now of school age
    • Usage: tall for his eld
  • age (noun) = a prolonged period of time

    Synonyms: long_time, age, years

    • Usage: we've known each other for ages
    • Usage: I haven't been there for years and years
  • age (noun) = a late time of life

    Synonyms: old_age, years, age, eld, geezerhood

    • Usage: old age is not for sissies
    • Usage: he's showing his years
    • Usage: age hasn't slowed him down at all
    • Usage: a beard white with eld
    • Usage: on the brink of geezerhood
  • age (verb) = begin to seem older; get older

    Synonyms: age

    • Usage: The death of his wife caused him to age fast
  • age (verb) = grow old or older

    Synonyms: senesce, age, get_on, mature, maturate

    • Usage: She aged gracefully
    • Usage: we age every day--what a depressing thought!
    • Usage: Young men senesce
  • age (verb) = make older

    Synonyms: age

    • Usage: The death of his child aged him tremendously
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