Bare meaning in Hindi

Bare is a english word.

Bare Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • bare = निर्वस्त्र

    • Usage: In the movie the hero fought with bare hands.
  • bare = स्पष्ट

    • Usage: His bare dislike for capitalism is known to all.
  • bare = अनलंकृत

    • Usage: He presented the bare facts of the case before the Jury.
  • bare = निर्वस्त्र करना

    • Usage: She bared her veiled face.
  • bare = प्रकट करना

    • Usage: He bared the facts of the case before the Jury.

Bare Meaning in Detail

  • bare (verb) = lay bare

    Synonyms: bare

    • Usage: bare your breasts
    • Usage: bare your feelings
  • bare (verb) = make public

    Synonyms: publicize, publicise, air, bare

    • Usage: She aired her opinions on welfare
  • bare (verb) = lay bare

    Synonyms: denude, bare, denudate, strip

    • Usage: denude a forest
  • bare (adj) = completely unclothed

    Synonyms: bare, au_naturel, naked, nude

    • Usage: bare bodies
    • Usage: naked from the waist up
    • Usage: a nude model
  • bare (adj) = lacking in amplitude or quantity

    Synonyms: bare, scanty, spare

    • Usage: a bare livelihood
    • Usage: a scanty harvest
    • Usage: a spare diet
  • bare (adj) = not having a protective covering

    Synonyms: unsheathed, bare

    • Usage: unsheathed cables
    • Usage: a bare blade
  • bare (adj) = lacking its natural or customary covering

    Synonyms: bare

    • Usage: a bare hill
    • Usage: bare feet
  • bare (adj) = just barely adequate or within a lower limit

    Synonyms: bare, marginal

    • Usage: a bare majority
    • Usage: a marginal victory
  • bare (adj) = apart from anything else; without additions or modifications

    Synonyms: bare, mere, simple

    • Usage: only the bare facts
    • Usage: shocked by the mere idea
    • Usage: the simple passage of time was enough
    • Usage: the simple truth
  • bare (adj) = lacking a surface finish such as paint

    Synonyms: bare, unfinished

    • Usage: bare wood
    • Usage: unfinished furniture
  • bare (adj) = providing no shelter or sustenance

    Synonyms: bare, barren, bleak, desolate, stark

    • Usage: bare rocky hills
    • Usage: barren lands
    • Usage: the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes
    • Usage: the desolate surface of the moon
    • Usage: a stark landscape
  • bare (adj) = having everything extraneous removed including contents

    Synonyms: bare, stripped

    • Usage: the bare walls
    • Usage: the cupboard was bare
  • bare (adj) = lacking embellishment or ornamentation

    Synonyms: plain, bare, spare, unembellished, unornamented

    • Usage: a plain hair style
    • Usage: unembellished white walls
    • Usage: functional architecture featuring stark unornamented concrete
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