Big meaning in Hindi

Big is a english word.

Big Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • big = बड़ा

    • Usage: There is a big ground behind our flat.
  • big = उम्र में बड़ी/बड़ा

    • Usage: My big sister's wedding will be solemnised in February.
  • big = महत्वपूर्ण

    • Usage: The last match is a big match for India.
  • big = महत्वाकांक्षा

    • Usage: He has big ideas and plans in his mind.
  • big = प्रसिद्ध

    • Usage: Cartoon network is a big among children.
  • big = दयालु

    • Usage: Its very big of him to donate half of his salary to the flood victims.
  • big = उत्तेजित

    • Usage: They feel big about the world tour.

Big Meaning in Detail

  • big (adj) = above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent

    Synonyms: large, big

    • Usage: a large city
    • Usage: set out for the big city
    • Usage: a large sum
    • Usage: a big (or large) barn
    • Usage: a large family
    • Usage: big businesses
    • Usage: a big expenditure
    • Usage: a large number of newspapers
    • Usage: a big group of scientists
    • Usage: large areas of the world
  • big (adj) = significant

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: graduation was a big day in his life
  • big (adj) = very intense

    Synonyms: bad, big

    • Usage: a bad headache
    • Usage: in a big rage
    • Usage: had a big (or bad) shock
    • Usage: a bad earthquake
    • Usage: a bad storm
  • big (adj) = loud and firm

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: a big voice
    • Usage: big bold piano sounds
  • big (adj) = conspicuous in position or importance

    Synonyms: big, large, prominent

    • Usage: a big figure in the movement
    • Usage: big man on campus
    • Usage: he's very large in financial circles
    • Usage: a prominent citizen
  • big (adj) = prodigious

    Synonyms: big, heavy

    • Usage: big spender
    • Usage: big eater
    • Usage: heavy investor
  • big (adj) = exhibiting self-importance

    Synonyms: boastful, braggart, bragging, braggy, big, cock-a-hoop, crowing, self-aggrandizing, self-aggrandising

    • Usage: big talk
  • big (adj) = feeling self-importance

    Synonyms: big, swelled, vainglorious

    • Usage: too big for his britches
    • Usage: had a swelled head
    • Usage: he was swelled with pride
  • big (adj) = (of animals) fully developed

    Synonyms: adult, big, full-grown, fully_grown, grown, grownup

    • Usage: an adult animal
    • Usage: a grown woman
  • big (adj) = marked by intense physical force

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: a big wind
  • big (adj) = generous and understanding and tolerant

    Synonyms: big, large, magnanimous

    • Usage: a heart big enough to hold no grudges
    • Usage: that's very big of you to be so forgiving
    • Usage: a large and generous spirit
    • Usage: a large heart
    • Usage: magnanimous toward his enemies
  • big (adj) = given or giving freely

    Synonyms: big, bighearted, bounteous, bountiful, freehanded, handsome, giving, liberal, openhanded

    • Usage: was a big tipper
    • Usage: the bounteous goodness of God
    • Usage: bountiful compliments
    • Usage: a freehanded host
    • Usage: a handsome allowance
    • Usage: Saturday's child is loving and giving
    • Usage: a liberal backer of the arts
    • Usage: a munificent gift
    • Usage: her fond and openhanded grandfather
  • big (adj) = in an advanced stage of pregnancy

    Synonyms: big, enceinte, expectant, gravid, great, large, heavy, with_child

    • Usage: was big with child
    • Usage: was great with child
  • big (adv) = extremely well

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: his performance went over big
  • big (adv) = in a boastful manner

    Synonyms: boastfully, vauntingly, big, large

    • Usage: he talked big all evening
  • big (adv) = on a grand scale

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: think big
  • big (adv) = in a major way

    Synonyms: big

    • Usage: the play failed big at the box office
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