Brush meaning in Hindi

Brush is a english word.

Brush Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • brush = ब्रुश

  • brush = कूँची

    • Usage: He paints beautifully with brush.
  • brush = लोमड़ी की पूँछ

    • Usage: I saw a fox with a small brush.
  • brush = हलका स्पर्श

    • Usage: He knocked the glass off the table with a brush of his coat.
  • brush = भिडंत

    • Usage: The staff had a nasty brush with their manager.
  • brush = ब्रुश से झाडना या साफ करना

    • Usage: I brush my teeth everyday.

Brush Meaning in Detail

  • brush (noun) = a dense growth of bushes

    Synonyms: brush, brushwood, coppice, copse, thicket

  • brush (noun) = an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle

    Synonyms: brush

  • brush (noun) = momentary contact

    Synonyms: brush, light_touch

  • brush (noun) = conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor

    Synonyms: brush

  • brush (noun) = a bushy tail or part of a bushy tail (especially of the fox)

    Synonyms: brush

  • brush (noun) = a minor short-term fight

    Synonyms: brush, clash, encounter, skirmish

  • brush (noun) = the act of brushing your teeth

    Synonyms: brush, brushing

    • Usage: the dentist recommended two brushes a day
  • brush (noun) = the act of brushing your hair

    Synonyms: brush, brushing

    • Usage: he gave his hair a quick brush
  • brush (noun) = contact with something dangerous or undesirable

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: I had a brush with danger on my way to work
    • Usage: he tried to avoid any brushes with the police
  • brush (verb) = rub with a brush, or as if with a brush

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: Johnson brushed the hairs from his jacket
  • brush (verb) = touch lightly and briefly

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: He brushed the wall lightly
  • brush (verb) = clean with a brush

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet
  • brush (verb) = sweep across or over

    Synonyms: brush, sweep

    • Usage: Her long skirt brushed the floor
    • Usage: A gasp swept cross the audience
  • brush (verb) = remove with or as if with a brush

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: brush away the crumbs
    • Usage: brush the dust from the jacket
    • Usage: brush aside the objections
  • brush (verb) = cover by brushing

    Synonyms: brush

    • Usage: brush the bread with melted butter
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