Drill meaning in Hindi

Drill is a english word.

Drill Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • drill = छेद करने वाली मशीन

    • Usage: The carpenter uses drill machine to make holes in the wall.
  • drill = फौजी शिक्षा कवायद

    • Usage: The soldiers were at drill.
  • drill = कठोर अनुशासन में रह कर शिक्षा देना

    • Usage: The N.C.C.cadets have practised rifle drill.
  • drill = किसी काम को करने का सही तरीका

    • Usage: What is the drill for claiming insurance money?
  • drill = छेद करना

    • Usage: My neighbour is drilling a new borewell beside the old one.
  • drill = अनुशासन में रह कर शिक्षा देना

    • Usage: The teacher drilled the whole class in mathematics.

Drill Meaning in Detail

  • drill (noun) = a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows)

    Synonyms: drill

  • drill (noun) = similar to the mandrill but smaller and less brightly colored

    Synonyms: drill, Mandrillus_leucophaeus

  • drill (noun) = systematic training by multiple repetitions

    Synonyms: exercise, practice, drill, practice_session, recitation

    • Usage: practice makes perfect
  • drill (noun) = (military) the training of soldiers to march (as in ceremonial parades) or to perform the manual of arms

    Synonyms: drill

  • drill (verb) = make a hole, especially with a pointed power or hand tool

    Synonyms: bore, drill

    • Usage: don't drill here, there's a gas pipe
    • Usage: drill a hole into the wall
    • Usage: drill for oil
    • Usage: carpenter bees are boring holes into the wall
  • drill (verb) = train in the military, e.g., in the use of weapons

    Synonyms: drill

  • drill (verb) = learn by repetition

    Synonyms: drill, exercise, practice, practise

    • Usage: We drilled French verbs every day
    • Usage: Pianists practice scales
  • drill (verb) = teach by repetition

    Synonyms: drill

  • drill (verb) = undergo military training or do military exercises

    Synonyms: drill

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