Indisposed meaning in Hindi

Indisposed is a english word.

Indisposed Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • indisposed = अस्वस्थ

    • Usage: The soprano Sarah walker replaces Elise Ross, who is indisposed.

Indisposed Meaning in Detail

  • indisposed (verb) = make unwilling

    Synonyms: indispose, disincline

  • indisposed (verb) = make unfit or unsuitable

    Synonyms: disqualify, unfit, indispose

    • Usage: Your income disqualifies you
  • indisposed (verb) = cause to feel unwell

    Synonyms: indispose

    • Usage: She was indisposed
  • indisposed (adj) = somewhat ill or prone to illness

    Synonyms: ailing, indisposed, peaked, poorly, sickly, unwell, under_the_weather, seedy

    • Usage: my poor ailing grandmother
    • Usage: feeling a bit indisposed today
    • Usage: you look a little peaked
    • Usage: feeling poorly
    • Usage: a sickly child
    • Usage: is unwell and can't come to work
  • indisposed (adj) = (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed

    Synonyms: antipathetic, antipathetical, averse, indisposed, loath, loth

    • Usage: antipathetic to new ideas
    • Usage: averse to taking risks
    • Usage: loath to go on such short notice
    • Usage: clearly indisposed to grant their request
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