Piping meaning in Hindi

Piping is a english word.

Piping Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • piping = विशेष`नाप का पाइप

    • Usage: The require 1.meters of lead piping.
  • piping = गोट

    • Usage: Her skirt was decorated by piping.
  • piping = सीटी जैसा

    • Usage: Her piping voice irritates me a lot.

Piping Meaning in Detail

  • piping (noun) = a thin strip of covered cord used to edge hems

    Synonyms: piping

  • piping (noun) = a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.

    Synonyms: pipe, pipage, piping

  • piping (noun) = playing a pipe or the bagpipes

    Synonyms: piping

  • piping (verb) = utter a shrill cry

    Synonyms: shriek, shrill, pipe_up, pipe

  • piping (verb) = transport by pipeline

    Synonyms: pipe

    • Usage: pipe oil, water, and gas into the desert
  • piping (verb) = play on a pipe

    Synonyms: pipe

    • Usage: pipe a tune
  • piping (verb) = trim with piping

    Synonyms: pipe

    • Usage: pipe the skirt
  • piping (verb) = kill by firing a missile

    Synonyms: shoot, pip

  • piping (verb) = hit with a missile from a weapon

    Synonyms: shoot, hit, pip

  • piping (verb) = defeat thoroughly

    Synonyms: worst, pip, mop_up, whip, rack_up

    • Usage: He mopped up the floor with his opponents
  • piping (adv) = (used of heat) extremely

    Synonyms: piping, steaming

    • Usage: the casserole was piping hot
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