Rank meaning in Hindi

Rank is a english word.

Rank Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • rank = बदबूदार

    • Usage: You should not eat rank meat.
  • rank = सम्पूर्ण

    • Usage: The winner was a rank outsider.
  • rank = अधिक मात्रा मे उपज

    • Usage: This rank grass is likely to produce many weeds.
  • rank = क़तार

    • Usage: Ranks of marching infantry looks so organized.
  • rank = श्रेणी

    • Usage: He is the writer of the highest rank.
    • Usage: The unit consisted of 5 officers and 40 other ranks.
  • rank = फौज़ मे मामूली सैनिक

    • Usage: You should try to rise from this ranks.
  • rank = किसी विषेश श्रेणी मे आना

    • Usage: He ranks well ahead of his classmates in mathematics.
  • rank = पद मे ऊँचा होना

    • Usage: She ranks a good position in her field.
  • rank = विशेष श्रेणी मे रखना

    • Usage: He was ranked among the best dressed men.
  • rank = पद मे ऊँचा होना

    • Usage: The colonel ranks all other officers in the squadron.

Rank Meaning in Detail

  • rank (noun) = a row or line of people (especially soldiers or police) standing abreast of one another

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: the entrance was guarded by ranks of policemen
  • rank (noun) = relative status

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: his salary was determined by his rank and seniority
  • rank (noun) = the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army)

    Synonyms: rank_and_file, rank

    • Usage: the strike was supported by the union rank and file
    • Usage: he rose from the ranks to become a colonel
  • rank (noun) = position in a social hierarchy

    Synonyms: social_station, social_status, social_rank, rank

    • Usage: the British are more aware of social status than Americans are
  • rank (noun) = the body of members of an organization or group

    Synonyms: membership, rank

    • Usage: they polled their membership
    • Usage: they found dissension in their own ranks
    • Usage: he joined the ranks of the unemployed
  • rank (verb) = take or have a position relative to others

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: This painting ranks among the best in the Western World
  • rank (verb) = assign a rank or rating to

    Synonyms: rate, rank, range, order, grade, place

    • Usage: how would you rank these students?
    • Usage: The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide
  • rank (verb) = take precedence or surpass others in rank

    Synonyms: rank, outrank

  • rank (adj) = very fertile; producing profuse growth

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: rank earth
  • rank (adj) = very offensive in smell or taste

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: a rank cigar
  • rank (adj) = conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

    Synonyms: crying, egregious, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank

    • Usage: a crying shame
    • Usage: an egregious lie
    • Usage: flagrant violation of human rights
    • Usage: a glaring error
    • Usage: gross ineptitude
    • Usage: gross injustice
    • Usage: rank treachery
  • rank (adj) = complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers

    Synonyms: absolute, downright, out-and-out, rank, right-down, sheer

    • Usage: absolute freedom
    • Usage: an absolute dimwit
    • Usage: a downright lie
    • Usage: out-and-out mayhem
    • Usage: an out-and-out lie
    • Usage: a rank outsider
    • Usage: many right-down vices
    • Usage: got the job through sheer persistence
    • Usage: sheer stupidity
  • rank (adj) = growing profusely

    Synonyms: rank

    • Usage: rank jungle vegetation
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