Rate meaning in Hindi

Rate is a english word.

Rate Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • rate = मूल्य लगाना

  • rate = दर

    • Usage: He is walking at the rate of 5km.an hour.
    • Usage: The rate of interest has fallen from 10% to 7%
  • rate = किसी भी हालत मे

    • Usage: I am not prepared to marry her at any rate.
  • rate = मात्रा

    • Usage: If you spend at this rate you will soon be bankrupt.
  • rate = अनुपात

    • Usage: His pulse rate dropped suddenly.
  • rate = भाव ठहराना

    • Usage: They rated the book quite high.
  • rate = मूल्याकंन करना

    • Usage: They rate him kind and hospitable.
  • rate = वर्ग या श्रेणी मे रखना

    • Usage: He was rated as a broker.
  • rate = निर्धारित करना

    • Usage: Those tasks rates low on my priority list.

Rate Meaning in Detail

  • rate (noun) = a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit

    Synonyms: rate

    • Usage: they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour
    • Usage: the rate of change was faster than expected
  • rate (noun) = amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis

    Synonyms: rate, charge_per_unit

    • Usage: a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5
  • rate (noun) = the relative speed of progress or change

    Synonyms: pace, rate

    • Usage: he lived at a fast pace
    • Usage: he works at a great rate
    • Usage: the pace of events accelerated
  • rate (noun) = a quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure

    Synonyms: rate

    • Usage: the literacy rate
    • Usage: the retention rate
    • Usage: the dropout rate
  • rate (verb) = assign a rank or rating to

    Synonyms: rate, rank, range, order, grade, place

    • Usage: how would you rank these students?
    • Usage: The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide
  • rate (verb) = be worthy of or have a certain rating

    Synonyms: rate

    • Usage: This bond rates highly
  • rate (verb) = estimate the value of

    Synonyms: rate, value

    • Usage: How would you rate his chances to become President?
    • Usage: Gold was rated highly among the Romans
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