Through meaning in Hindi

Through is a english word.

Through Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • through = में से

    • Usage: The thief entered the house through the window.
  • through = से तक

    • Usage: You stay in Birmingham Monday through Friday.
  • through = के द्वारा

    • Usage: You can get good results through hard work.
  • through = शुरु से अन्त तक

    • Usage: The children sat through the long concert.
  • through = के कारण

    • Usage: The accident ocurred through his careless driving.
  • through = एक ओर से दूसरी ओर

    • Usage: Put the chemical in the filter and let it pass through.
  • through = शुरू से अन्त तक

    • Usage: After the day's work the labourer slept right through.
  • through = प्रतिबन्ध को तोडते हुए

    • Usage: There was red signal but the car drove straight through'
  • through = अन्त तक

    • Usage: We drove straight through from Chicago to Marshall.

Through Meaning in Detail

  • through (adj) = having finished or arrived at completion

    Synonyms: done, through, through_with

    • Usage: certain to make history before he's done
    • Usage: it's a done deed
    • Usage: after the treatment, the patient is through except for follow-up
    • Usage: almost through with his studies
  • through (adj) = (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes

    Synonyms: through

    • Usage: a through street
    • Usage: a through bus
    • Usage: through traffic
  • through (adv) = from beginning to end

    Synonyms: through

    • Usage: read this book through
  • through (adv) = over the whole distance

    Synonyms: through

    • Usage: this bus goes through to New York
  • through (adv) = to completion

    Synonyms: through

    • Usage: think this through very carefully!
  • through (adv) = in diameter

    Synonyms: through

    • Usage: this cylinder measures 15 inches through
  • through (adv) = throughout the entire extent

    Synonyms: through, through_and_through

    • Usage: got soaked through in the rain
    • Usage: I'm frozen through
    • Usage: a letter shot through with the writer's personality
    • Usage: knew him through and through
    • Usage: boards rotten through and through
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