Prayogshala, a place to experiment, is an experiment itself. I don't know clearly what I want to project through this. It's just an open playground. Hope it adds some epsilon to the infiniteness of this vast world (Now what's epsilon + infinity? .. btw do you know epsilon was Paul Erdös's word for a small child, and children are the future of this world :)

Anyway feel free to comment if you like or dislike something. You can leave your feedback using contact form, or by sending an email to webmaster-at-prayogshala.com.


Last I night i was thinking about a website name for myself. Being a graphic artsit I was looking where i can play and experiment so came this 'prayogshala' name in my mind........ so typed this this name ... hmm is already here ...congratulation .... nice blog....

this is your Blog?
wow very nice , and blog name too
hello , nice to meet you
i don't know english .
only a little ..

my nickname is danmengi
see you later~~~♡

This is great indeed! Please let me know if I can be of any help for any of this. I could type some of the these poems and send to you in case you are interested in certain poems...



I have been writing Hindi poems from some time now , good to see work of suman, bacchan and dinkar here !

You have some good (characteristic) poems put up here on this site and good for the people who are adding on this and it like and enjoy reading most but some are really exceptional. As am not acquainted to typing in Hindi, pl accept this.

I am on search of the poem starting with the words-

Mandhan Naveen Ji,

Namaskar. I am glad that you liked our efforts on prayogshala. Here goes the poem you have asked:

कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन

ठोकर मार पटक मत माथा
तेरी राह रोकते पाहन
कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन

तेरी रक्षा का न मोल है
पर तेरा मानव अनमोल है
यह मिटता है वह बनता है
अर्पण कर सर्वस्व मनुज को
कर न दुष्ट को आत्म समर्पण
कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन

very nice,.....
haa kuchh bhi bano par kayar nahi...

This is my fav poem.. I remember , I recited this poem in my school when I was in class IX in 2002. :)
Followed the reciting of this poem a lot of appreciation.
And this website is also good . Really nice work done :)

as i told innovating poem

I want to write some poems on this webiste but i am unable to do the same. Can really i post my written poems?? plz suggest.

veri nice...kuch bhi banana par kayar mat banana............

I could not find "Krishna ki Chetavni on your site".
Also, is it possible for you to tell me where I can find a poem called "Dilli" .I think it is by Dinkar.
Thank you.

Its Rasmirathi Krishna Duryodhana u can find it in geeta-kavita.com by Mr Saxena check it out

Hello i am bhavisha
i have a house wise compitetion every year of prose and poetry in my school. So please publish poems and proses to speak in those compitetions also.


I somehow managed to visit your site and i liked every poem, I read most of them.

Thanks for creating such a beautiful site.

I really appreciate your effort.

Santosh joshi

Will it be possible for your site to place some of my poems translated in Hindi. Long back Rajkamal Choudhary had translated a few of my poems during our Hungryalist movement (Bhookhi Peedhi). Since then I have not been able to place my poems on any site translated in Hindi. I find that Hindi Wikipedia also do not have a page on the movement although there are pages in English, Spanish, Bengali and Hindi. Through your platform I would request that any one interested may kindly write a page in Hindi Wikipedia. The English version is here:


My poems translated in English are available here:


Malay Roychoudhury

very nice site i am impressed

Aapki website pe hindi kavitaon ke kaii moti dekhne ko mile.
Ghazalon ke saath, ab kavitaon mein bhi ruchi hone lagi hai.
Is umda prayog ko jaari rakhein ! :)

Shubhkamnayein !

I would like to know the meaning of the whole poem kuch bhi ban bas kayar mat ban.

Hi ,

I am looking for this poem by Mahadevi verma, please let me know if you have.

Nice work , keep it up...