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India is the most populous democracy in the world with over 1.2 billion people. It epitomizes unity in diversity and is home for large number of people speaking different languages, practicing different religions etc.

India is a federal republic governed under a parliamentary system and consists of 29 states and 7 union territories. It was rules by Britain from mid 17th to mid 19th century. ... more

Calling India

Few years back, making a phone call to india from US was too costly (> $0.40 per minute), and there were few options. But lately there have been a complete change-over both in terms of price, and options. There are few main reasons for this - first, India's telecommunication infrastructre has improved tremendously with greater connectivity to other countries. Secondly, the economy downfall of 2001... more

Heroes / Personalities of the India

A country stands on the shoulders of its heroes .. And no, I am not talking about movie actors/actresses here (that's a real misuse of the word 'hero'). I am talking about the people who are living or lived a life of courage and truth; people who stood firm even in front of great adversity without a doubt in their hearts; people that becomes ideals for generations, bringing hope and light to many-... more

Online shopping in India

Last few years have seen a strong increase in Internet-availability in India, and that has created a huge space for potential entrepreneurs. There are already lot of online marketplaces (urf shopping centers) to cater to diverse needs.. Here goes a list of useful ones.

  • Fabmall : One of the first players in the market, started with books, but now has lot n lot.. A ... more

Science and Technology Research in India

The purpose of this page is to understand and cover India's Science and Technology research related news/articles. We focus on new age science and technology here. If you are interested in historical contributions, a quick search on web will lead you to lot of websites.

We are in very initial state, so do come back after some time to see more articles/news.

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