Heroes / Personalities of the India

A country stands on the shoulders of its heroes .. And no, I am not talking about movie actors/actresses here (that's a real misuse of the word 'hero'). I am talking about the people who are living or lived a life of courage and truth; people who stood firm even in front of great adversity without a doubt in their hearts; people that becomes ideals for generations, bringing hope and light to many-many hearts.

Now-a-days we live in a era marked by excessive glamorization of media, and it's easier to forget real heroes in this limelight. But that will be a grave mistake, as we need them even more today with so much corruption and crimes around us.

This place is dedicated to the heroes of the India..

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  • Anonymous
    08 Jul 11
    A dedication that resonates in many many hearts.

    Would you like to build on this thought and take it to the heartland of India on a scale befitting the heroes immortalised in this dedication? In a manner that is by the people and for the people.

    If so respond- maybe we can jointly do something to make this a reality.
  • Mangesh
    26 Sep 11
    What about Indira Gandhi, rajiv gandhi, mayawati etc who have named scores of schemes on their name and have hundreds of their statues...you are conviniently forgetting them. Anna hazares etc are at the best lunatics challeging the great Rahul gandhi & sonia Gandhi...they don't what sacriffices rahul does by conducting padyatras, Sonia like mahatma Gandhi too refused power...they are real heros in making.
  • Congress Hero
    22 Apr 13
    Except Pandit Nehru, All so called Gandhi family members are much arrogant and greedy for power. You discribed anna as lunatic and rahul as great. If you are a congress party then it is ok otherwise I feel so sorry for you.