Inside meaning in Hindi

Inside is a english word.

Inside Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • inside = अभ्यन्तर

    • Usage: The inside of the temple was carved on marble.
  • inside = के अन्दर

    • Usage: Roman emperors had bath spas inside their palaces.

Inside Meaning in Detail

  • inside (noun) = the region that is inside of something

    Synonyms: inside, interior

  • inside (noun) = the inner or enclosed surface of something

    Synonyms: inside, interior

  • inside (adj) = relating to or being on the side closer to the center or within a defined space

    Synonyms: inside

    • Usage: he reached into his inside jacket pocket
    • Usage: inside out
    • Usage: an inside pitch is between home plate and the batter
  • inside (adj) = being or applying to the inside of a building

    Synonyms: inside

    • Usage: an inside wall
  • inside (adj) = confined to an exclusive group

    Synonyms: inside, inner, privileged

    • Usage: privy to inner knowledge
    • Usage: inside information
    • Usage: privileged information
  • inside (adj) = away from the outer edge

    Synonyms: inside

    • Usage: an inner lahne
    • Usage: the inside lane
  • inside (adv) = within a building

    Synonyms: inside, indoors

    • Usage: in winter we play inside
  • inside (adv) = on the inside

    Synonyms: inside, within

    • Usage: inside, the car is a mess
  • inside (adv) = with respect to private feelings

    Synonyms: inwardly, inside

    • Usage: inwardly, she was raging
  • inside (adv) = in reality

    Synonyms: at_heart, at_bottom, deep_down, inside, in_spite_of_appearance

    • Usage: she is very kind at heart
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