Pitched meaning in Hindi

Pitched is a english word.

Pitched Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • pitched = झुकाहुआ

    • Usage: The pitched roofs of mountainous houses give a peculiar look.

Pitched Meaning in Detail

  • pitched (verb) = throw or toss with a light motion

    Synonyms: flip, toss, sky, pitch

    • Usage: flip me the beachball
    • Usage: toss me newspaper
  • pitched (verb) = move abruptly

    Synonyms: lurch, pitch, shift

    • Usage: The ship suddenly lurched to the left
  • pitched (verb) = fall or plunge forward

    Synonyms: pitch

    • Usage: She pitched over the railing of the balcony
  • pitched (verb) = set to a certain pitch

    Synonyms: pitch

    • Usage: He pitched his voice very low
  • pitched (verb) = sell or offer for sale from place to place

    Synonyms: peddle, monger, huckster, hawk, vend, pitch

  • pitched (verb) = be at an angle

    Synonyms: slope, incline, pitch

    • Usage: The terrain sloped down
  • pitched (verb) = heel over

    Synonyms: cant, cant_over, tilt, slant, pitch

    • Usage: The tower is tilting
    • Usage: The ceiling is slanting
  • pitched (verb) = erect and fasten

    Synonyms: pitch, set_up

    • Usage: pitch a tent
  • pitched (verb) = throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball

    Synonyms: deliver, pitch

    • Usage: The pitcher delivered the ball
  • pitched (verb) = hit (a golf ball) in a high arc with a backspin

    Synonyms: pitch

  • pitched (verb) = lead (a card) and establish the trump suit

    Synonyms: pitch

  • pitched (verb) = set the level or character of

    Synonyms: gear, pitch

    • Usage: She pitched her speech to the teenagers in the audience
  • pitched (adj) = (of sound) set to a certain pitch or key; usually used as a combining form

    Synonyms: pitched

    • Usage: high-pitched
  • pitched (adj) = set at a slant

    Synonyms: pitched

    • Usage: a pitched rather than a flat roof
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