Puff meaning in Hindi

Puff is a english word.

Puff Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • puff = झकोरा

    • Usage: A puff of air brought a little relief during power cut.
  • puff = लच्छा

    • Usage: A puff of smoke emerged out from the chimney.
  • puff = एक तरह का विशिष्ट पिष्टक

    • Usage: She is expert in making chololate puffs.
  • puff = श्वसन

    • Usage: He was merely able to speak out of puff.
  • puff = फूँक-फूँककर निकालना

    • Usage: He was punished for puffing smoke into people's faces.
  • puff = सिगरेट पीना

    • Usage: Puffing pipe in cinema hall his prohibitted.
  • puff = कश या दम लगाना

    • Usage: He was puffing hard when he reached the hill top.

Puff Meaning in Detail

  • puff (noun) = a short light gust of air

    Synonyms: puff, puff_of_air, whiff

  • puff (noun) = a light inflated pastry or puff shell

    Synonyms: puff

  • puff (noun) = exaggerated praise (as for promotional purposes)

    Synonyms: puff

  • puff (noun) = bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together

    Synonyms: quilt, comforter, comfort, puff

  • puff (noun) = a soft spherical object made from fluffy fibers; for applying powder to the skin

    Synonyms: powderpuff, puff

  • puff (noun) = thick cushion used as a seat

    Synonyms: ottoman, pouf, pouffe, puff, hassock

  • puff (noun) = a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke)

    Synonyms: puff, drag, pull

    • Usage: he took a puff on his pipe
    • Usage: he took a drag on his cigarette and expelled the smoke slowly
  • puff (noun) = forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth

    Synonyms: blow, puff

    • Usage: he gave his nose a loud blow
    • Usage: he blew out all the candles with a single puff
  • puff (verb) = smoke and exhale strongly

    Synonyms: puff, whiff

    • Usage: puff a cigar
    • Usage: whiff a pipe
  • puff (verb) = suck in or take (air)

    Synonyms: puff, drag, draw

    • Usage: draw a deep breath
    • Usage: draw on a cigarette
  • puff (verb) = breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted

    Synonyms: pant, puff, gasp, heave

    • Usage: The runners reached the finish line, panting heavily
  • puff (verb) = make proud or conceited

    Synonyms: puff

    • Usage: The sudden fame puffed her ego
  • puff (verb) = praise extravagantly

    Synonyms: puff, puff_up

    • Usage: The critics puffed up this Broadway production
  • puff (verb) = speak in a blustering or scornful manner

    Synonyms: puff

    • Usage: A puffing kind of man
  • puff (verb) = to swell or cause to enlarge, "Her faced puffed up from the drugs"

    Synonyms: puff, puff_up, blow_up, puff_out

    • Usage: puffed out chests
  • puff (verb) = blow hard and loudly

    Synonyms: puff, huff, chuff

    • Usage: he huffed and puffed as he made his way up the mountain
  • puff (adj) = gathered for protruding fullness

    Synonyms: puff, puffed

    • Usage: puff sleeves
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