Rather meaning in Hindi

Rather is a english word.

Rather Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • rather = बल्कि

    • Usage: He came very late last night or rather in the wee hours this morning.
  • rather = तुलनात्मक~अर्थ~मे"

    • Usage: My bat is rather more expensive than his.
    • Usage: This science book is rather too easy for class seven.
    • Usage: It's rather a shame that she missed the concert.

Rather Meaning in Detail

  • rather (adv) = on the contrary; rather (or instead), he wrote her a letter"

    Synonyms: rather, instead

    • Usage: rather than disappoint the children, he did two quick tricks before he left
    • Usage: he didn't call
    • Usage: used English terms instead of Latin ones
  • rather (adv) = to some (great or small) extent

    Synonyms: rather, kind_of, kinda, sort_of

    • Usage: it was rather cold
    • Usage: the party was rather nice
    • Usage: the knife is rather dull
    • Usage: I rather regret that I cannot attend
    • Usage: He's rather good at playing the cello
    • Usage: he is kind of shy
  • rather (adv) = more readily or willingly

    Synonyms: preferably, sooner, rather

    • Usage: clean it well, preferably with warm water
    • Usage: I'd rather be in Philadelphia
    • Usage: I'd sooner die than give up
  • rather (adv) = to a degree (not used with a negative)

    Synonyms: quite, rather

    • Usage: quite tasty
    • Usage: quite soon
    • Usage: quite ill
    • Usage: quite rich
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