Repose meaning in Hindi

Repose is a english word.

Repose Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • repose = आराम करना

  • repose = सोना

    • Usage: Earn a night's repose.
    • Usage: Don't disturb somebody's repose.
  • repose = आराम करना

    • Usage: Repose her head on a cushion.
  • repose = भरोसा करना

    • Usage: Repose confidence in someone.

Repose Meaning in Detail

  • repose (noun) = freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)

    Synonyms: rest, ease, repose, relaxation

    • Usage: took his repose by the swimming pool
  • repose (noun) = the absence of mental stress or anxiety

    Synonyms: peace, peacefulness, peace_of_mind, repose, serenity, heartsease, ataraxis

  • repose (noun) = a disposition free from stress or emotion

    Synonyms: repose, quiet, placidity, serenity, tranquillity, tranquility

  • repose (verb) = put or confide something in a person or thing

    Synonyms: repose

    • Usage: These philosophers reposed the law in the people
  • repose (verb) = be inherent or innate in;

    Synonyms: rest, reside, repose

  • repose (verb) = lie when dead

    Synonyms: repose

    • Usage: Mao reposes in his mausoleum
  • repose (verb) = lean in a comfortable resting position

    Synonyms: recumb, repose, recline

    • Usage: He was reposing on the couch
  • repose (verb) = put in a horizontal position

    Synonyms: lay, put_down, repose

    • Usage: lay the books on the table
    • Usage: lay the patient carefully onto the bed
  • repose (verb) = to put something (eg trust) in something

    Synonyms: repose

    • Usage: The nation reposed its confidence in the King
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