Toss meaning in Hindi

Toss is a english word.

Toss Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • toss = उत्क्षेपण

    • Usage: Take a toss .
  • toss = उछालना

    • Usage: You toss the coin .
  • toss = करवटें बदलते रहना

    • Usage: The boy could not sleep and spent the night tossing in bed. .
  • toss = हिलाना[मिलाना]

    • Usage: Toss the salad in oil.

Toss Meaning in Detail

  • toss (noun) = the act of flipping a coin

    Synonyms: flip, toss

  • toss (noun) = (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team

    Synonyms: pass, toss, flip

    • Usage: the pass was fumbled
  • toss (noun) = an abrupt movement

    Synonyms: toss

    • Usage: a toss of his head
  • toss (verb) = throw or toss with a light motion

    Synonyms: flip, toss, sky, pitch

    • Usage: flip me the beachball
    • Usage: toss me newspaper
  • toss (verb) = lightly throw to see which side comes up

    Synonyms: flip, toss

    • Usage: I don't know what to do--I may as well flip a coin!
  • toss (verb) = throw carelessly

    Synonyms: chuck, toss

    • Usage: chuck the ball
  • toss (verb) = move or stir about violently

    Synonyms: convulse, thresh, thresh_about, thrash, thrash_about, slash, toss, jactitate

    • Usage: The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed
  • toss (verb) = throw or cast away

    Synonyms: discard, fling, toss, toss_out, toss_away, chuck_out, cast_aside, dispose, throw_out, cast_out, throw_away, cast_away, put_away

    • Usage: Put away your worries
  • toss (verb) = agitate

    Synonyms: toss

    • Usage: toss the salad
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