Badhe Chalo, Badhe Chalo

बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो
- सोहन लाल द्विवेदी (Sohan Lal Dwivedi)

न हाथ एक शस्त्र हो,
न हाथ एक अस्त्र हो,
न अन्न वीर वस्त्र हो,
हटो नहीं, डरो नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

रहे समक्ष हिम-शिखर,
तुम्हारा प्रण उठे निखर,
भले ही जाए जन बिखर,
रुको नहीं, झुको नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

घटा घिरी अटूट हो,
अधर में कालकूट हो,
वही सुधा का घूंट हो,
जिये चलो, मरे चलो,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

गगन उगलता आग हो,
छिड़ा मरण का राग हो,
लहू का अपने फाग हो,
अड़ो वहीं, गड़ो वहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

चलो नई मिसाल हो,
जलो नई मिसाल हो,
बढो़ नया कमाल हो,
झुको नही, रूको नही,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

अशेष रक्त तोल दो,
स्वतंत्रता का मोल दो,
कड़ी युगों की खोल दो,
डरो नही, मरो नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

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  • abhinav
    14 May 13
    this is one of the great poem i have ever seen in my life. congrats to Sohan Lal Dwivedit for writing this fabulous poem.
  • vivek kumar singh
    21 Jan 13
    this is the best poem in the world.........
  • Yash Yadav
    25 Nov 12
    Tnks... a gr8 tool for my homework... suggest me more plz...
  • Anonymous
    17 May 13
    really good poem just loved it
  • Anonymous
    17 May 13
    thnx a lot this has helped me cmplete ma home work but i wanted to know if the correction mentioned by a person are to be done are not???
  • Anand Rathi
    17 Aug 12
    poem is awesome
  • adil khan
    23 Jul 11
    a tool for my motivation......
  • Anonymous
    09 Jul 10
    wonderful poem......jst loved it!!!!!
  • Ravi Chandra
    09 May 10
    My sincere thanks to whoever posted the poem. Infact this is the poem I happened to study in my 8th grade. Somehow I was thinking of it and googled it which resulted in the form of my reply.Thanks again guys.
  • anju
    06 Apr 10
    i loved the poem. i read it in my textbook years ago. i have downloaded it for my son
  • anamika
    07 Feb 10
    it's a wonderful peom..................i liked it frm ma heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Vinay
    23 Sep 09
    What's happening guys? Not a single comment on this great peice of literarture?
  • Jasmine
    04 Jul 12
    Hey awesome man I had got seven poems to choose for my election I choose yhis piece it is just out of yoke world
  • jyotsna
    14 Jul 10
    the feel of this poem is what is needed, but god knows where the youth is heading towards today ,the love for nation is missing,the love for humanity is missing all that prevails is materialism and a run to earn as more as possible . feelings for each other are missing
  • amit singh
    03 May 12
    sorry but you are such a stupid person, its such a nice and optimistic poem and you came here with your hypocritical comment, just shouting at youth, what do you think who is working so hard to raise our country if not youth.
    no doubt india is becoming more and more developed and center of world in spite of so much issues for which you are in agony and blaming youth.
    dont worry dude these things always gonna be there and we are in very correct path if not perfect and we'll keep doing it and keep improving us. F@&^#@K U if you ever thought of blaming youth of anything othre than progress of our country
  • Kanupriya
    10 Jun 10
    3rd line-na ann neer vastra ho..
    2nd last para-jalo nayi mashaal ho....

    plzz correct it
    its really a gr8 inspiring poem...
  • bhumika
    10 Aug 11
    दूसरा पैराग्राफ तीसरी पंक्ति

    भले ही जाए तन बिखर - सही है
  • Anonymous
    27 Sep 09
    its such a beautiful and encouraging poem. but the irony is that perhaps people hardly give importance to such values and so perhaps no comments. surabhi
  • sakshi
    09 Apr 10
    amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just luv it sooooo mch!!!!!!!! itz 1 of d most loveliest poems i hav heard............ i m sure evry 1 will love it