Chhip Chhip Ashru Bahaane Waalon

छिप-छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों
- गोपालदास "नीरज" (Gopaldas Neeraj)

छिप-छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों, मोती व्यर्थ बहाने वालों
कुछ सपनों के मर जाने से, जीवन नहीं मरा करता है |
सपना क्या है, नयन सेज पर
सोया हुआ आँख का पानी
और टूटना है उसका ज्यों
जागे कच्ची नींद जवानी
गीली उमर बनाने वालों, डूबे बिना नहाने वालों
कुछ पानी के बह जाने से, सावन नहीं मरा करता है |

माला बिखर गयी तो क्या है
खुद ही हल हो गयी समस्या
आँसू गर नीलाम हुए तो
समझो पूरी हुई तपस्या
रूठे दिवस मनाने वालों, फटी कमीज़ सिलाने वालों
कुछ दीपों के बुझ जाने से, आँगन नहीं मरा करता है |

खोता कुछ भी नहीं यहाँ पर
केवल जिल्द बदलती पोथी
जैसे रात उतार चाँदनी
पहने सुबह धूप की धोती
वस्त्र बदलकर आने वालों, चाल बदलकर जाने वालों
चँद खिलौनों के खोने से, बचपन नहीं मरा करता है |

लाखों बार गगरियाँ फ़ूटी,
शिकन न आयी पर पनघट पर
लाखों बार किश्तियाँ डूबीं,
चहल पहल वो ही है तट पर
तम की उमर बढ़ाने वालों, लौ की आयु घटाने वालों,
लाख करे पतझड़ कोशिश पर, उपवन नहीं मरा करता है।

लूट लिया माली ने उपवन,
लुटी ना लेकिन गंध फ़ूल की
तूफ़ानों ने तक छेड़ा पर,
खिड़की बंद ना हुई धूल की
नफ़रत गले लगाने वालों, सब पर धूल उड़ाने वालों
कुछ मुखड़ों के की नाराज़ी से, दर्पण नहीं मरा करता है।

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  • Neeraj
    11 Sep 13
    माला बिखर गयी तो क्या है
    खुद ही हल हो गयी समस्या Unbelievable....pure beauty
  • Anonymous
    19 Sep 13
    heart touching and inspirational poem
  • pawan kumar
    10 Jun 13
    i like this poem very much. its tell about truth of life. very enthusiastic poem
  • Sam
    05 Jun 13
    I think when Naveen Sir wrote this poem. he written from his inner heart because i can't think its a poem its a pain of writer who express his pain through his poem...
  • Charu Kandpal
    22 Apr 13
    I think you have to put a like button there. Instead of commenting every time it will automatically show our love to that "magic of words".
  • Anonymous
    14 Apr 13
  • Aakash Garg
    10 Feb 13
    i like this poem very much
  • satyawan sharma
    22 Jan 13
    It gives us positive enthusiastic approach-satyawan sharma from Bundi Rajasthan
  • Imran Khan
    06 Dec 12
    I can't explain how much I missed my childhood school days.
  • Anonymous
    16 Aug 13
    I first read this poem in 9 th std course ...and reading it again brought all those fond memories of my amazing childhood days in was one of the poems i used to read during my toughest days..
  • ashwani
    06 Dec 12
    this was really a nice poem
  • Anurag Sinha
    07 Oct 12
    kya khub likha hai..!!! लूट लिया माली ने उपवन,
    लुटी ना लेकिन गंध फ़ूल की my favourite part... do allow to share these poems on facebook so that we can show our friends that how beautiful hindi can be... how meaningful it is... and how it can give someone hope to stay afloat.. :)
  • jitendra
    16 Jul 12

  • subhash chouhan
    04 Sep 11
    sir i thanks to u...i m a big fan of this site....i daily read ....i set progshala as my, mr. ramdharisingh dinkar is my fav...i posetd thispoem to my fb notes..............thanx again
  • pooja
    03 Aug 11
    this is a beautiful poem to give strength to anybody to fight again in his/her life.
  • varsha
    24 Jul 11
    it's really friends also like it very much......hat's off to the
    worth reading
  • priyamvada
    24 Jul 11
    100%right kaha tune has also inspired me a lot . i have read it now but till now it is as fresh in my mind and heart as the day i have read it that is on 31 feb..............ha..ha..ha.......
  • VARSHAAAA......
    23 Jul 11
    IT'S AWESOME. THIS IS WHAT I CALL A POEM..............REALLY COOL!!!WORTH READING .I AND MY FRNDS LOVED IT VERY MUCH.HATS OFF................................................
    22 May 11
    I like this poem very much.
  • Mr. Lonely
    27 Aug 10

    This poems teaches us that how should we live. It is a very heart-touching and inspiring poem...

    three things about this poem- Great, Great and Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • archana singh parmar
    01 May 10
    this poem has inspired me a lot , since from from childhood , when ever i was depressed , this poem always comes in my mind , and in one way or another helped me to move ahead
  • Anonymous
    27 Aug 10
    this is such a one of the great Inspiring poem which inspiring me since my school life . I like this a lot .
  • Sidheshwar
    29 Jul 09
    This one shows the pain that each soul posess and the attitude they should exibit against those pain and difficulties.
  • prince
    09 Jun 09
    the great poem...
    explaining the life...
  • Charanjeet Singh
    06 Feb 08
    This poem has helped me a lot to stay afloat! I first heard it in college and is with me ever since
  • Achal Bajpai
    20 Jan 13
    dil ko choo liya