Sholay - Jai asking Mausi to vote for Congress

Remember the famous scene from Sholay where Amitabh Bachchan is asking Mausi to give her consent for the marriage of Basanti and Veeru. This video spoofs the same scene with Amitabh asking Mausi to vote for "panje-wali-party". The spoof is packed with humour and wit and will surely leave you in splits. more

The Making of Kejriwal as Nayak

Concept of this spoof is based on the famous movie "Nayak" in which Anil Kapoor, "the common man" becomes CM overnight. The spoof features Alok Nath as "babuji" who "teaches" Kejriwal to catch people's imagination by becoming a common-man icon. It is funny to watch Kejriwal repeating 'Aam Aadmi’ needlessly. When asked by reporters - "what is 2 + 2", AK says "Chaar.....Aam Aadmi". How true, lolz!

This spoof was uploaded by AIB, a famous comedy channel on Youtube. AIB is sponsored by snapdeal. more

Modi's 'Don' Avatar - A million views and still counting

How would Modi ask for votes if he has to do it in DON style? See this hilarious video where Modi is dancing on the tunes of popular Hindi song 'Main Hoon Don'.

This video is made by "So Sorry", an animation unit of India Today Group. "So Sorry" has made a series of spoofs which is available on their youtube channel. All spoofs are funny and leave you in splits. more

Best Political Spoofs of 2014 Elections

2014 Loksabha elections were a gamechanger in Indian politics in many ways. Apart from the thumping victory of BJP and a zero score of many strong regional parties, the spoofs on indian politics came out of age during this elections. These hilarious videos became an instant hit on internet and social media, providing people an opportunity to take a much needed break from heated political discussions.

Lets take a look at the top political spoofs of this season. more

Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale (तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले)

A fresh, creative and inspiring ad which says ‘I’ need to make the beginning... 'I' have the power to change.. more

Vande Mataram - Lata Mangeshkar

This is my favorite patriotic song. Amazing lyrics topped with the magical voice of Lata makes this the most purifying and thrilling song. The energy and enthusiasm displayed in the video to take our country forward is quite infectious. It says 'WE' are India's future and 'WE' will overcome all obstacles in the path of making it a proud country. more

Car ke karishme - Kaka Hathrasi (काका हाथरसी)

Full of humour and healthy entertainment this poem is a living example of the brilliance and talent of Kaka Hathrasi. He puts forth his experience of purchasing an old car in such a simple and comical manner that you would immediately connect to it and would be left with a feeling of pure joy listening to the poem.

The video is entertaining too with Kaka acting in it himself along with others. more

Pol Kholak Yantra - Ashok Chakradhar (अशोक चक्रधर)

ROFL. Literally. That was my reaction to this beautiful fictional poem. Here Ashok chakradhar puts forth his experiences with a mind reading instrument in a very humourous way. The poem comes as a breath of fresh air in an age where gross and indecent comedy has taken the place of humour. The humble style of poet is also remarkable and appreciable.

The video is entertaining too with Ashok chakradhar acting in it himself along with others. more

Bazar ka ye haal hai - Shail Chaturvedi (शैल चतुर्वेदी)

A satire on increasing prices, this humourous poem is sure to tickle your funny bone. Shail chaturvedi projects the experiences of a common man in the times of rising prices. The poem, although written years back, still carries an air of freshness and excellence which is rare to find these days.

The video is entertaining too with Shail Chaturvedi acting in it himself along with others. more

Bhartiya rail ki kahani - Pradeep Choubey (प्रदीप चौबे)

A satire on utter disorder of Indian railways, this hilarious poem enlivens the scenes inside a general bogie of Indian trains. So many people, all frustrated, no fans, no lights, no order... - if you have ever travelled in a general bogie you would connect to it immediately. The way in which the state of order (or disorder) is portrayed through this poem is applaudable. more