Flick meaning in Hindi

Flick is a english word.

Flick Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • flick = झटका

    • Usage: He flicked the curtains to remove dust.
  • flick = तेज़ी

    • Usage: He flicked through the applications received in response to the advertisement but could not find one suitable to company's requirement.
  • flick = सिनेमा की फिल्म

    • Usage: A very good flick is running at Capital theater.
  • flick = झटके से मारना

    • Usage: He flicked the whip at the horse to drive him faster.
  • flick = झटका देना

    • Usage: He flicked the ball with a twist of wrist to send it to the boundary.
    • Usage: He flicked the towel in his face.
  • flick = हिलाना

    • Usage: The dog flicked its tail to drive away the flies.

Flick Meaning in Detail

  • flick (noun) = a light sharp contact (usually with something flexible)

    Synonyms: flick

    • Usage: he gave it a flick with his finger
    • Usage: he felt the flick of a whip
  • flick (noun) = a short stroke

    Synonyms: flick

  • flick (noun) = a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement

    Synonyms: movie, film, picture, moving_picture, moving-picture_show, motion_picture, motion-picture_show, picture_show, pic, flick

    • Usage: they went to a movie every Saturday night
    • Usage: the film was shot on location
  • flick (verb) = flash intermittently

    Synonyms: flicker, flick

    • Usage: The lights flicked on and off
  • flick (verb) = look through a book or other written material

    Synonyms: flick, flip, thumb, riffle, leaf, riff

    • Usage: He thumbed through the report
    • Usage: She leafed through the volume
  • flick (verb) = cause to move with a flick

    Synonyms: flip, flick

    • Usage: he flicked his Bic
  • flick (verb) = throw or toss with a quick motion

    Synonyms: jerk, flick

    • Usage: flick a piece of paper across the table
    • Usage: jerk his head
  • flick (verb) = shine unsteadily

    Synonyms: flicker, flick

    • Usage: The candle flickered
  • flick (verb) = twitch or flutter

    Synonyms: flick, ruffle, riffle

    • Usage: the paper flicked
  • flick (verb) = cause to make a snapping sound

    Synonyms: snap, click, flick

    • Usage: snap your fingers
  • flick (verb) = touch or hit with a light, quick blow

    Synonyms: flick

    • Usage: flicked him with his hand
  • flick (verb) = remove with a flick (of the hand)

    Synonyms: flick

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