Sole meaning in Hindi

Sole is a english word.

Sole Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • sole = पैर की तलवा

    • Usage: A shoe is not completed with out a sole.
  • sole = कुकुरजीभी

    • Usage: Sole is mainly eaten by people living in wastal areas.
  • sole = एकमात्र/अकेला

    • Usage: His sole responsibility was of his parents.

Sole Meaning in Detail

  • sole (noun) = the underside of footwear or a golf club

    Synonyms: sole

  • sole (noun) = lean flesh of any of several flatfish

    Synonyms: sole, fillet_of_sole

  • sole (noun) = the underside of the foot

    Synonyms: sole

  • sole (noun) = right-eyed flatfish; many are valued as food; most common in warm seas especially European

    Synonyms: sole

  • sole (verb) = put a new sole on

    Synonyms: sole, resole

    • Usage: sole the shoes
  • sole (adj) = not divided or shared with others

    Synonyms: exclusive, sole

    • Usage: they have exclusive use of the machine
    • Usage: sole rights of publication
  • sole (adj) = being the only one; single and isolated from others

    Synonyms: lone, lonesome, only, sole, solitary

    • Usage: the lone doctor in the entire county
    • Usage: a lonesome pine
    • Usage: an only child
    • Usage: the sole heir
    • Usage: the sole example
    • Usage: a solitary instance of cowardice
    • Usage: a solitary speck in the sky
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