Thread meaning in Hindi

Thread is a english word.

Thread Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • thread = डोरा

    • Usage: Use the thread for stitching your frock.
  • thread = धारी

    • Usage: The marble on the floor has fine threads of green.
  • thread = धारा

    • Usage: After controlling the disturbance in the House the Speaker tried to gather the threads of discussion that was going on earlier..
  • thread = चूल

    • Usage: The screw has lost all its threads.
  • thread = पिरोना

    • Usage: Would you please thread the needle for me.

Thread Meaning in Detail

  • thread (noun) = a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving

    Synonyms: thread, yarn

  • thread (noun) = any long object resembling a thin line

    Synonyms: ribbon, thread

    • Usage: a mere ribbon of land
    • Usage: the lighted ribbon of traffic
    • Usage: from the air the road was a grey thread
    • Usage: a thread of smoke climbed upward
  • thread (noun) = the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together

    Synonyms: train_of_thought, thread

    • Usage: I couldn't follow his train of thought
    • Usage: he lost the thread of his argument
  • thread (noun) = the raised helical rib going around a screw

    Synonyms: screw_thread, thread

  • thread (verb) = to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course

    Synonyms: weave, wind, thread, meander, wander

    • Usage: the river winds through the hills
    • Usage: the path meanders through the vineyards
    • Usage: sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body
  • thread (verb) = pass a thread through

    Synonyms: thread

    • Usage: thread a needle
  • thread (verb) = remove facial hair by tying a fine string around it and pulling at the string

    Synonyms: thread

    • Usage: She had her eyebrows threaded
  • thread (verb) = pass through or into

    Synonyms: thread

    • Usage: thread tape
    • Usage: thread film
  • thread (verb) = thread on or as if on a string

    Synonyms: string, thread, draw

    • Usage: string pearls on a string
    • Usage: the child drew glass beads on a string
    • Usage: thread dried cranberries
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