Up meaning in Hindi

Up is a english word.

Up Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • up = ऊपर की ओर

    • Usage: Lift your head up!
  • up = ऊपर/उच्च/ऊपर वाला

    • Usage: He is been really up after marriage.
  • up = पर

    • Usage: He ran up the stairs.
  • up = ऊपर

    • Usage: Look up in the sky.
  • up = चढ़ाव

    • Usage: The sales is on the up.
  • up = उठाना/चढ़ाना

    • Usage: He upped his offer to 1 million dollars.

Up Meaning in Detail

  • up (verb) = raise

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: up the ante
  • up (adj) = being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: the anchor is up
    • Usage: the sun is up
    • Usage: he lay face up
    • Usage: he is up by a pawn
    • Usage: the market is up
    • Usage: the corn is up
  • up (adj) = out of bed

    Synonyms: astir, up

    • Usage: are they astir yet?
    • Usage: up by seven each morning
  • up (adj) = getting higher or more vigorous

    Synonyms: improving, up

    • Usage: its an up market
    • Usage: an improving economy
  • up (adj) = extending or moving toward a higher place

    Synonyms: up, upward

    • Usage: the up staircase
    • Usage: a general upward movement of fish
  • up (adj) = (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: he was up on his homework
    • Usage: had to be up for the game
  • up (adj) = open

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: the windows are up
  • up (adj) = (used of computers) operating properly

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: how soon will the computers be up?
  • up (adj) = used up

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: time is up
  • up (adv) = spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position

    Synonyms: up, upwards, upward, upwardly

    • Usage: look up!
    • Usage: the music surged up
    • Usage: the fragments flew upwards
    • Usage: prices soared upwards
    • Usage: upwardly mobile
  • up (adv) = to a higher intensity

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: he turned up the volume
  • up (adv) = nearer to the speaker

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: he walked up and grabbed my lapels
  • up (adv) = to a more central or a more northerly place

    Synonyms: up

    • Usage: was transferred up to headquarters
    • Usage: up to Canada for a vacation
  • up (adv) = to a later time

    Synonyms: up, upwards, upward

    • Usage: they moved the meeting date up
    • Usage: from childhood upward
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