Jam meaning in Hindi

Jam is a english word.

Jam Meaning in Hindi (हिंदी में मतलब)

  • jam = जैम{मीठी चटनी}

    • Usage: I have bread and jam for my breakfast.
  • jam = जाम

    • Usage: There are always traffic jams on the road to Mumbai.
  • jam = दबाना

    • Usage: The car was jammed between the two trucks.
  • jam = गड़बड़ा जाना

    • Usage: The machine has jammed due to dust in the pipe.
  • jam = अवरोध करना

    • Usage: The crowd jammed the street in protest against Mandal Commission.

Jam Meaning in Detail

  • jam (noun) = preserve of crushed fruit

    Synonyms: jam

  • jam (noun) = informal terms for a difficult situation

    Synonyms: fix, hole, jam, mess, muddle, pickle, kettle_of_fish

    • Usage: he got into a terrible fix
    • Usage: he made a muddle of his marriage
  • jam (noun) = a dense crowd of people

    Synonyms: crush, jam, press

  • jam (noun) = deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems

    Synonyms: jamming, electronic_jamming, jam

  • jam (verb) = press tightly together or cram

    Synonyms: throng, mob, pack, pile, jam

    • Usage: The crowd packed the auditorium
  • jam (verb) = push down forcibly

    Synonyms: jam

    • Usage: The driver jammed the brake pedal to the floor
  • jam (verb) = crush or bruise

    Synonyms: jam, crush

    • Usage: jam a toe
  • jam (verb) = interfere with or prevent the reception of signals

    Synonyms: jam, block

    • Usage: Jam the Voice of America
    • Usage: block the signals emitted by this station
  • jam (verb) = get stuck and immobilized

    Synonyms: jam

    • Usage: the mechanism jammed
  • jam (verb) = crowd or pack to capacity

    Synonyms: jam, jampack, ram, chock_up, cram, wad

    • Usage: the theater was jampacked
  • jam (verb) = block passage through

    Synonyms: obstruct, obturate, impede, occlude, jam, block, close_up

    • Usage: obstruct the path
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