Car ke karishme - Kaka Hathrasi (काका हाथरसी)

Full of humour and healthy entertainment this poem is a living example of the brilliance and talent of Kaka Hathrasi. He puts forth his experience of purchasing an old car in such a simple and comical manner that you would immediately connect to it and would be left with a feeling of pure joy listening to the poem.

The video is entertaining too with Kaka acting in it himself along with others. more

Pol Kholak Yantra - Ashok Chakradhar (अशोक चक्रधर)

ROFL. Literally. That was my reaction to this beautiful fictional poem. Here Ashok chakradhar puts forth his experiences with a mind reading instrument in a very humourous way. The poem comes as a breath of fresh air in an age where gross and indecent comedy has taken the place of humour. The humble style of poet is also remarkable and appreciable.

The video is entertaining too with Ashok chakradhar acting in it himself along with others. more

Bazar ka ye haal hai - Shail Chaturvedi (शैल चतुर्वेदी)

A satire on increasing prices, this humourous poem is sure to tickle your funny bone. Shail chaturvedi projects the experiences of a common man in the times of rising prices. The poem, although written years back, still carries an air of freshness and excellence which is rare to find these days.

The video is entertaining too with Shail Chaturvedi acting in it himself along with others. more

Bhartiya rail ki kahani - Pradeep Choubey (प्रदीप चौबे)

A satire on utter disorder of Indian railways, this hilarious poem enlivens the scenes inside a general bogie of Indian trains. So many people, all frustrated, no fans, no lights, no order... - if you have ever travelled in a general bogie you would connect to it immediately. The way in which the state of order (or disorder) is portrayed through this poem is applaudable. more

Healthy humour - hasya kavitaen

Last week I found a beautiful video of a poem recited by a kid on a parenting site. I liked the poem very much for its simplicity and clean humour. It sparked my interest and in search for more such poems, I started browsing the net. Fortunately enough, I found quite a few gems - the gems which mark clearly the difference between gross and healthy comedy.

I tried to compile some of those gems here. Hope you will enjoy it. more

Khooni Hastakshar

खूनी हस्‍ताक्षर
- गोपालप्रसाद व्यास (Gopalprasad Vyas)

वह खून कहो किस मतलब का
जिसमें उबाल का नाम नहीं।
वह खून कहो किस मतलब का
आ सके देश के काम नहीं ।

वह खून कहो किस मतलब का
जिसमें जीवन, न रवानी है ।
जो परवश होकर बहता है,
वह खून नहीं, पानी है । more

Udaan - Conquest of the wall

While training for the police service, Kalyani finally conquests 'the wall' and with it, her fear and weakness. After this, there is no looking back for her and she sets out to accomplish one after another difficult jobs in her coming life. more

Udaan - A turning point

Strengthened by her struggle, Kalyani now realises that she will have to demand not plead, protest and not acquiesce! Her strong determination and perseverance are something to salute to. She single-handedly takes on the fight and makes her voice heard to the highest rungs of the system. more

Udaan - The big decision

Kalyani is shown to have her own vulnerabilities, like any one of us, and that makes the serial more real and heart-touching. When she is thinking within her self-created boundaries, her father inspires her to dream big and fly a higher flight - "ek unchi udaan". more

Udaan - The starting of struggle

When Kalyani's father is severely attacked and hospitalised, Kalyani decides to come forward to fight for his father's case. This marks the beginning of Kalyani's struggle. She comes across some very harsh social, political, and administrative realities of the system but refuses to give in.

The serial portrays the ground realities of our system in such a straight-forward manner that you could relate to it immediately. more