Mile sur mera tumhara (मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा)

This video highlights the different linguistic communities and societies that live in India and gives the message of national integration and unity. The film depicts, very beautifully, the wonderful, vibrant, and diverse collage - that is India. It featured some prominent figures like Lata Mangeshkar, Sharmila Tagore, Shabana Azmi etc.

Trivia : This film was telecast for the first time on Independence Day 1988, after the telecast of the Prime Minister’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Louis Banks and Ashok Patki composed the music. Find details here more

School Chalen Hum (स्कूल चलें हम)

This short film was produced to give the message of 'education for all children'. The film catches the moment when children all across India, from Kashmir to Kerala, wake up in the morning and run to go to school. Excellent video and terrific song. No other video captured entire India's beauty in 4 minutes like this one. Even today the film inspires children across the country to run to school every day and soak themselves in knowledge.

Trivia : This film was made by BharatBala Productions. The music was given by Shankar/Ehsaan/Loy and lyrics were of Mehboob. more

Fond memories of Doordarshan

In 80's and early 90's, Doordarshan was the only source of entertainment and probably that's why, it holds a special place in our hearts. I remember, some very popular short films used to come on Doordarshan that also carried social messages. The quality of these films was so good that they still linger in my brain after so many years.

Here are some of my favourite ones... more

Today is the 'World Day against Child labour'

Found a very nice and thought provoking article on Internet today. It inspires us to take action as an individual in bringing about the change we wish to see in society.

जिस्म तो बहुत संवर चुके, रूह का सिंगार कीजिये|
फूल शाख से ना तोड़िए, खुशबूओं से प्यार कीजिये|
<!--more... more

Childline - I Am The Change Film Project

This short film was made for 'I am the change film project 2008' showcasing the excellent work done by CHILDLINE, a tele-helpline for street children in distress. My salute to the founders and volunteers. I was deeply impressed when I read their very well documented work . It was amazing to read the very profound and practical suggestions given by the street children to the organisation while it was evolving. more

Doordarshan Nostalgia - Poorab se Surya Uga

A short clip which used to come on Doordarshan when I was a kid. Short and very sweet. Raises a hope and shows us how our respect and love for a child (working under/around us) can provide a good future and happy life to these children. more

Sensitization Clip on Child Labour by HAQ

This interesting clip raises a very intricate question - "Is poverty just the cause of child labour and not its result? How can we stop this spiral?" more

Lakshmi, The Domestic Help

This clip portrays the life of a little girl Lakshmi working as a domestic help. The scene in which she asks a doctor about a medicine is heart touching. She innocently asks - "Doctor sir, Do you have any medicine for not feeling hungry...?" In another heartbreaking scene, the girl is questioning, probably to God "Dont I deserve even the kind of attention this dog gets here...?" more

Giving Back on 'World Day against Child labour'

While reading a friend's post on facebook I came to know that June 12th is the 'World Day against Child labour'. The post made some interesting points and it got me thinking. How much do I know about child labour laws in India? How much do I care about the future of 'chotus' working as help in nearby restaurants or homes?

Here is a small step with some simple take-action points to confront the problem instead of ignoring it. more

Darbar - e - watan Mein Jab Ik Din

दरबारे वतन में जब इक दिन
- फैज़ अहमद फैज़ (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

दरबारे वतन में जब इक दिन सब जाने वाले जायेंगे
कुछ अपनी सजा को पहुंचेंगे, कुछ अपनी जजा ले जायेंगे

ऐ खाकनशीनों उठ बैठो, वो वक़्त करीब आ पहुंचा है
जब तख़्त गिराए जायेंगे, जब ताज उछाले जायेंगे more